Effects of Cellphone Radiation on Skin

Mobile phones have become lifeline of many in this fast pace world of technology. Mobile phones are an inevitable part of our lives now, but the usage of mobile phones comes with some harmful effects on skin and overall health.

Studies have found that the Blue light emitted from phone called High energy visible light has harmful effects on skin.

Mobile phones, Desktops, tablet screens reflect UV rays which may damage the skin.

1. Crow’s Feet : Constantly staring down at mobile screen and gazing continuously can cause wrinkles around eyes and neck.

2. Wrinkled Neck : Neck is one of the first areas to show the signs of ageing. Constantly gazing downwards for longer duration will cause wrinkles on neck area.

3. Dark Circles : One should avoid using mobile phones before sleeping because blue light emitting from mobile phones may affect your sleeping pattern. The less sleep causes under eye bags and under eye circles.

4. Skin allergies and Acne : Studies have found that Mobile phones carries more bacteria than toilet seat handle. The heat it produces when we talk for longer duration might cause skin allergies.

Solution :

1. Do not gaze at mobile phones downwards for longer duration it causes Tech neck, Wrinkles around eyes, It might causes problem for neck as well.

2. Avoid using phones before bedtime.

3. Clean your Mobile phones.

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