Treatment for Pigmentation

It is a condition where our body skin gets darkspots and black patches on skin. However the body complexion is, the skin should be clear.

This is due to sun exposure, harmonal changes and other factors like climate, pollution.

It is very important to take of ourselves to be out of condition. But due to our daily life primary busy work, we are unable to concentrate on these secondary things. So, no need to worry now about your beauty concerns.

Dr Sushma yadav is an expert Skin care and offers you the under highly efficient laser Technology.

Our removal treatments help to heal from discoloration while giving a smooth and healthy regrowth faster.

Uneven skin tone, normally called hyperpigmentation, happens because of a few reasons. Skin conditions like redness, spots, age spots, dull skin, dim patches, etc. create, because of a few biological factors.
Our skin tone is determined by the measure of melanin in the skin, which are produced by the unique cells called Melanocytes. Overproduction of melanin – which is in charge of giving colour to skin, hair and eyes – is the real reason for uneven.
Overexposure to the sun can cause overproduction of melanin, which can harm the skin. Excessive sunlight and the UV beams make the skin darker, particularly the face, hands, and other visible parts of the body.
Improper diet habits can likewise cause. Intake of fat contain foods, the non presence of protein or nutrient rich food etc.bring negative effect the skin.
Lack of rest can make negative influence your overall skin complexion. Stressful way of life and irregular routine have proven ways to harm the skin tone.
Normally to cover skin darkspots, many are using makeup foundations to cover up the damaged layer. So, now no need to use these temporary techniques.

Our Skinologycentre is providing Affordable. The Average between 30000 to 1 Lakh based on total number of sittings an individual undergo and the type of treatment they receive.

At Skinologycentre, we are proud to provide innovative treatments to reduce thereby revitalizing the skin texture.

From high-tech lasers to topical, the highly-skilled Doctor under the guidance of lead Doctor Sushma Yadav make it possible to fight effectively.

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